During this public health crisis, bosses aren’t keeping workers safe, the federal government isn’t keeping workers safe, workers are keeping each other safe. We see workers across the country coming together to make their workplace safer and improve work standards and we want you to know we’ve got your back. We’re providing information on your legal rights at work, information on filing complaints with federal and state regulators, and technical information on occupational safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic here on this website. And if you’re ready to start organizing with your coworkers to take collective action, we’re here for you! 

The Teamsters stand with all workers, regardless of what industry you’re in, what kind of work you do, or whether or not you’re already part of our union. If you are already a Teamster member, the best place to start for support is your local union. Since the beginning of this pandemic we’ve been in constant contact between every level and across every division of the union to make sure that every member of our union has the support they need to stay health and safe at work. As union members covered by collective bargaining agreements, we have a whole set of additional useful tools and mechanism to hold our employers accountable and win higher standards.


We've Got Your Back

If you are a Teamster member, contact your union representative and visit the Teamsters COVID-19 website.

If you’re not part of a union yet, but you and your coworkers are interested in taking collective action, get in touch with us.